Being a painter doesn’t always mean that all you do is paint…at least not for me. Some months are painting and others you switch hats and start shipping, working with galleries, juggling marketing, visiting collectors or working with special projects. It’s all part of being an artist.

September of this year was a delightful with the opening of a show of paintings with fellow artists PS Gordon and Pancho Luna. Many friends and collectors attended opening night at the Craighead Green Gallery in Texas to celebrate the work. It was a wonderful time and I thank all of you who visited us there.

The week after the show I switched hats again. I began meeting with the girls from Tulsa Girls Art School, serving as Honorary Artist Chairperson for this year’s event on November 10. The collaborative art project with the girls has been inspiring and heartwarming. Paintings from the hands and hearts of the young are the best! The final work was unveiled the week prior to the TABLESCAPES GALA….the follow-up discussion was the opposite of the first lesson which focused on painting to translate your heart and vision. The final discussion touched on the importance of being part of a creative process that was part of someone’s else vision…..ie. architect, collector, designer, etc. The time with the girls was so special and taught me a lot about how to work with young artists. I learned so much about how bright these girls are. The Gala is coming and our collaborative work will soon be available in the auction! Wearing that particular hat has been a joy.

Switching hats again….I began to work with Heckenkemper Marketing to complete this site that you are now looking at. My hope is that you will visit this site often, ask questions, make comments and just watch the work and provide your feedback. I will try to keep it interesting and fresh with new images and information added often.

I will once again switch hats as we move toward the holidays. I will be returning to my studio and pick up a brush….Back to what we typically think of as the life of an artist. I will have just a few weeks to finalize some paintings that are in process in my Mexico studio. Mid December, I will ship new work to Nashville, Tennessee for an Abstract painting show at TINNEY CONTEMPORARY. I will pack some boots and sweaters and head to one of my favorite cities ever. Everyone knows Nashville as Music City but it is also a strong visual arts community. So to my friends in Nashville, I look forward to seeing you in early 2017.

Today I actually bought a new hat! I wonder what I will wear it for? Keep checking back and I will try to surprise you!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for all of you who follow my work.

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